Monday, February 7, 2011

My soul is fed with needle and thread...

I needed just one more day of sewing therapy, so I headed to the craft room with a project in mind. I'm sure these fabrics look familiar, it is more from my "bliss" stash, LOL! I got to use my rotary cutter, cutting mat and the easy square. I can see how these tools would be a necessity to a quilter. I managed to walk away with just one injury. :o)

Can you guess what I made?

Who can't use another potholder??? These are like socks in my house, they always go missing!

Here it is sans "quilting."
All finished! I measured everything twice before I cut, but still ended up with a little strip of green on the end. Don't know how that happened, everything matched up... I swear! Anyway, it's my first quilted project, and I love it!

"Finished is way better than perfect!"

If I have time, I will be sneaking in my sewing room more often... but I have a really big knitting custom order hanging over my head that I must finish.

Till next time, xoxo


softearthart said...

It sure looks cool, cheers Marie

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Turned out great, the green being thinner is actually better, in my opinion, than all 3 equal. Think of some sewing as the "sharpen the saw" step in 7 Highly Effective Habits. As long as you limit the sewing time, it will give you a break when you need it. Maybe, *do a step, knit for an hour, do the next step,knit again* repeat from *2* :)