Thursday, October 1, 2009

Christmas Knits

Have you seen the new free pattern section at Knitty? Go check them out! I really like this one.

Here's a little preview of what's to come this holiday season. I adore the norwegian star pattern and it was pretty easy to incorporate into this sweater. It was all the math that plagued me.
If you use the chart mentioned above, you will have to adjust your printer settings so it doesn't cut off some of the lines.
Be on the lookout for my hand knit Christmas ornaments coming soon. I am excited to be working on them at this time of year. Have to start early as I will be getting a very special "gift" this year right around Christmas Day. If you haven't noticed the little ditty on the left hand menu, we are expecting our 4th child. We feel so blessed to be experiencing this again, and my older children are very excited as well.
Happy knitting!