Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Lounging Around...

Today we had one of those lazy Sunday's. I decided to take a day off from knitting and sew a little. It seems my children are growing an inch a week, so I decided to make them a new pair of pajama pants. This one is for my daughter.
Here is the cupcake fabric... chosen because she is crazy for cupcakes!
Starting to sew the legs.

Sewing the legs together.

Here the waist hem is pinned, leaving an opening for the elastic.

The waist is all done.

Here is the leg hem... All done!

She threw them on and ran off before I could take a picture of her actually in them, LOL!
Till next time, xoxo

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Cotton Eyed Jo said...

What a lucky girl, those cupcake pajama pants are really cute.