Monday, March 30, 2009


That is what I am this morning. I am determined to learn to crochet. I learned to chain and do a single stitch (it might be called something else) 2 yrs ago and that is as far as I got. I ordered this

I have Debbie's Stitch n' Bitch The Knitter's Handbook so I thought her crochet book would be just as good! I'm so excited, I can't wait for it to arrive.


I am busy this week knitting more bunnies. It's hard to have a crafting business when you make so many different things. I'm always torn on which to do this week/what to work on today. Now when I get custom orders, I drop everything to get those done, but I really like to work on my own stuff as well. Last week, I made rag dolls so maybe this week I can get a few bunnies done. It is getting closer to Easter afterall. I'm actually working on a boy and girl set. I've already made their clothes-lime green and aqua. So cute!

I also have an April fool's project I'm working on . When I saw this knitted toilet paper , I just knew I had to make it. The night before, I will be putting this in my husbands bathroom (we both have our own) oh I wish I could see his face when he sees this.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lots of Curls

This cutie has a load of hair on her head! Did I mention how much I love sewing rag dolls?
She just screams summer!
These 4 dolls will be on ebay tonight.
♥ Marissa
P. S. There will be a dolly giveaway on my blog soon, be on the lookout for it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not only do I knit, I also sew

Ok, so I had to take a teeny break from knitting and revisit how I began this journey at making rag dolls. I am hooked on this pattern from Anniescupboards. It's quick, easy and I like bigger dollies. *Ü*
They all are 20 inches tall and will be listed on my ebay tomorrow- March 26th. I have another that I didn't photograph today that will be listed as well. I hope you will take a peek at them. I've really enjoyed spending time at my sewing machine this week.

♥ Marissa ♥

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fluffy goodness

How are you this sunday afternoon? Lately it seems I get most done on sundays, so here I am another sunday, blogging. I wanted to share a few blogs I happened upon recently that I have learned so much from. If you are a bit "crunchy" check these out. Trust me, you will love them!

I started taking photos for my shop update and (remind self to make sure batteries are charged before i try to take photos) had to stop because my cam died. I got these listed though. Will finish later today.
Meet my boys, Ethan

and, Logan

♥ Marissa

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday afternoon in the kitchen

Other than knitting, I had a very productive weekend... we looked at a few potential homes with land. It is our goal to become more self sufficient. I want to grow more of our own food and have my girls back- aka hens. These are the ones Jay got me for mothers day 4 yrs ago. I had 9 in all, but hope to have at least 2 dozen next time 'round.

So anyway, I made butter-from scratch (I know, can you believe it?) this weekend. I was totally inspired by this. All it took was heavy cream, salt and a little elbow grease.... and look at what I got. We had it on homemade bread last night and it is so very yummy.
I forgot to mention you get raw buttermilk out of this too. I intend to use it for the whoopie pies I make later this week.
I'll talk more about the bread later, I have to get my youngest pumpkin ready for school. We are celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday today and I'm bringing cupcakes. ♥ Marissa